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Only Dr. Lips offers the $99 Lip Augmentation

$99 Intro / $99 Membership

$99 Intro Lip Augmentation

Only Dr. Lips offers the $99 Lip Trial. We offer you this opportunity to experience a 

  • Safe lip augmentation with only FDA approved products.
  • Get to know your Dr. Lips and staff, they are as passionate about your lips as you are. 
  • Immediately experience an aesthetic lip result.

$99 Month Membership

Maintain the lips you have always wanted with a $99 month membership

  • individually designed treatments throughout the year.
  • Convenience - walk right in, appointments optional.
  • 15 minute appointment.
  • No swelling, no bruising is our ideal.

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Safe, Affordable and Esthetic. $99 Lip Augmentation cost.  Lip augmentation before and after back to work in 15 minutes.

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